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Due to the risks of injuries caused by falling, cleaning windows should only be done by experts. But unfortunately, there are property owners who still opt to do this task. If you have made up your mind and perform the window cleaning service on your own, there are tools that you must have to efficiently clean your windows. To know what are these essential tools, stay on this page.

Top Tools Used in Window Cleaning Service


For a fact, it is the primary tool used in cleaning windows. It removes the water and cleaning solution from the windows after it has been washed. Just like a wiper, it also has different sizes ranging from 6” to 24’. For beginners, expert window cleaners advice that you use the fourteen-inch squeegee.


It will be impossible for you to clean those windows situated on the second floor of your establishment. Note that when working on higher grounds wherein using a ladder is necessary, always have someone to hold and secure the ladder for you.


Debris such as thick accumulation of dirt and dried up chewing gum are difficult to remove. Using a scrubbing wand takes a lot of time and effort, which is why having a scraper is a must. If you are cleaning glass windows, only use a scraper that is specially designed for glasses.

Detailing towels

The cleaning process will not be complete without using detailing towels. It is the most effective tool when cleaning the edges around the frame and removing spots that might have been missed out by the squeegee or scraper.

Top window cleaning service in Albany, OR

Before you start cleaning your windows, be sure that you have these tools with you. If you want to achieve professional cleaning results, Clear Image LLC is the window cleaning service provider that you can trust in Albany, OR. To know how we deliver our service, feel free to call us at (541) 905-7909.


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