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For some of us, cleaning the windows of our establishment is a dangerous and exhausting task. Due to the risks of damage and injury, most property owners opt to leave this task to professionals. But if you want to avoid expenses, you can do the window cleaning by yourself. If you are unfamiliar with cleaning windows but still wants to do the task, here is a to-do list you need to keep in mind.

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local window cleaning Albany, ORWash using an applicator

When performing the window cleaning service, it is a must that you use an applicator instead of a sponge. You need to soak this cleaning tool in a pail of soapy water which is a mixture of cleaning solutions and lukewarm water. It removes stains, dust, and dirt, efficiently without scratching the window glass. Make sure that when you wash your windows, you include its frame and sill.

Wipe it off using a squeegee

Once the entire window is covered with soapy water, start wiping it off by using a squeegee and not a damp cloth. The most important tip you should bear in mind when using this tool is to always start from the top surface all the way down. After wiping in a vertical motion, do it again horizontally making an S-like pattern. Remember to wipe off your squeegee with a clean cloth after every stroke to avoid impurities from sticking back on the window.

Start drying the drips

After the soapy water has been removed, dry off the drips then wipe it using a dry cloth. Experts recommend that you use microfiber towels since it effectively absorbs water from any surface.

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If you barely have time to do this task, you can have it done by a professional. When it comes to impeccable residential window cleaning service, Clear Image LLC is the company in Albany, OR that you can trust. To know the rates we offer, call (541) 905-7909.


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